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Another funny bathroom story - dinahk2

Mar. 19th, 2007

08:21 pm - Another funny bathroom story

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This is a meaningless post, but I'm posting it anyways.

So Kayle (the dog) loves when Art will play games with her. And if he won't play, she literally sits and sulks. It's so pitiful. One of the games they play is hide-n-seek, one of the games is hide-a-treat (and watch her go crazy trying to find it) and then there's the tennis ball. Art loves this game especially b/c it requires the least amount of effort on his part. He just throws the tennis ball against a wall and (hopes) it comes back to him. He catches, throws it, etc. Kayle of course goes nuts trying to catch it first. Not a bad game...EXCEPT that the ball doesn't always bounce directly back to Art.

Sometimes it bounces into random things...like glasses full of Crystal Light. Or vases with flowers in them. Or picture frames. Or holiday decorations (all things that have broken in our house). I try hard not to complain though - he is, after all, entertaining the dog.

Tonight, though, the ball did something even funnier. Instead of bouncing off the (bathroom) wall, back to Art. It bounced directly into the toilet. :) Art had to fish it out. Even better, the poor dog can't figure it out. She keeps walking up to the toilet whining.