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Apr. 3rd, 2008

08:47 am - I'm sick....again.

And I'm freaking cranky about it. This is at least the 5th (??maybe) time I've been sick this winter and it's getting a little ridiculous.

I'm all achy and the hot flashes/chills are driving me crazy. I alternately slept with a heating pad last night to warm me up and with half the covers off b/c I was sweating so much. It's really ridiculous.

I think my co-workers think I'm a faker. Or else just really unhealthy. And Art is probably quite tired of picking up the slack for me.

The timing couldn't be much worse as it's Art's birthday today (Happy Birthday Babe!) and Charlotte's on Saturday. Art's mom and sister are coming for the weekend and they and 8 other people are coming for dinner on Saturday night.

:( So, yeah, I'm just being cranky about it. I'm going back to bed soon (should've stayed in bed, but instead got up and showered hoping to make it to work)

Current Mood: crankycranky

Jul. 31st, 2007

12:38 pm - Nap time

Remember in college when there was always time a nap? That was great. I particularly remember sophomore year, when my room faced the sun...just around 3:00 (when my soap opera was on) I could curl up on the bed and take the most blissful nap right in the sun patch. Ahhh...

Now, several years later, nap time has again become very important to me, albeit in a very different way. Now, the moment Charlie falls asleep, I RACE to quickly get done whatever I can get done - dishes, laundry, eat lunch - just get as much done without the munchkin as i can......and hopefully spend at least 15 minutes just goofing around on the computer if i want.

Nap time - always great.

Current Mood: mellowmellow

Apr. 8th, 2007

05:21 pm - I'm home!

Hello all - Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their well wishes and love! Talk to you all soon!!

Current Location: HOME!
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: my baby's (!!) breathing...and Sponge Bob on the tv (thanks, Art)

Mar. 19th, 2007

08:21 pm - Another funny bathroom story

This is a meaningless post, but I'm posting it anyways.

So Kayle (the dog) loves when Art will play games with her. And if he won't play, she literally sits and sulks. It's so pitiful. One of the games they play is hide-n-seek, one of the games is hide-a-treat (and watch her go crazy trying to find it) and then there's the tennis ball. Art loves this game especially b/c it requires the least amount of effort on his part. He just throws the tennis ball against a wall and (hopes) it comes back to him. He catches, throws it, etc. Kayle of course goes nuts trying to catch it first. Not a bad game...EXCEPT that the ball doesn't always bounce directly back to Art.

Sometimes it bounces into random things...like glasses full of Crystal Light. Or vases with flowers in them. Or picture frames. Or holiday decorations (all things that have broken in our house). I try hard not to complain though - he is, after all, entertaining the dog.

Tonight, though, the ball did something even funnier. Instead of bouncing off the (bathroom) wall, back to Art. It bounced directly into the toilet. :) Art had to fish it out. Even better, the poor dog can't figure it out. She keeps walking up to the toilet whining.

Feb. 17th, 2007

05:20 pm - Bon Voyage!!

I've been thinking about Mexico ALL DAY long. Art and I are totally supposed to be traveling with you!! I'm so sad that I'm missing this and so so sorry that you guys have to travel on this school vacation week b/c of me, and now I'm not even going!

I'll be thinking of you all as I ..... prepare the nursery, visit pediatricians, have my ultrasound. Ya'know, all those "fun" things I'll be doing instead of laying in a bikini on the beach reading trashy novels. :(

much love, good luck, travel safe...


Feb. 3rd, 2007

12:25 am - My my my how my life has changed.

So I was just updating my podcasts. And I just organized my bookshelf shortly ago. My life has SOOOO changed.

Podcasts I listen to on a regular basis....

- Pregtastic Podcast - about being pregant, of course
- NPR 5 minute News Summary - self-explanatory
- Lime Daily Living - living organically
- Pedicast with Dr. Mike -- about being a parent

Books that I look at on a regular basis....

- Your Pregnancy Week by Week
- Baby Bargains
- Home Depot Home Manual

What the hell happened to me?! The only "normal" thing I do these days is play the Wii. I guess I've at least got that going for me. :)

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Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative

Dec. 25th, 2006

10:48 am - Merry Christmas!!

I hope everyone is enjoying a lazy Christmas morning with your families! Much love!

Current Location: home in my pjs
Current Mood: contentcontent
Current Music: Holiday music, of course (poor Art)

Nov. 2nd, 2006

06:35 pm - Since quizzes seem fun (and I'm avoiding work)

You paid attention during 69% of high school!

68-84% Pretty good, you know that there are libraries and newspapers, and you remember what you've read. You were a child that wasn't left behind!

Do you deserve your high school diploma?
Make a Quiz

Hmm -- yeah, that about fits with my high school grades.

06:29 pm - I figured as much...

What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Northeast
The South
The Midland
North Central
The West
What American accent do you have?
Take More Quizzes

Ya'know what disturbed me the most about this? When it came to clicking on my age, not only was I NOT the first age range, but I wasn't the second either! I was in the THIRD freakin' age range. Good lord!

Oct. 22nd, 2006

05:45 pm - my Intersts collage -- fun!

My Interests Collage!Collapse )

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